Board of Certified Public Accountants

CPA Exam Application Information

This information is not intended to be an exhaustive compilation of the Board’s rules. Applicants have a duty to familiarize themselves with the provisions of the Wyoming Certified Public Accountants Act and the Wyoming Board’s rules.  

In addition, once the Board office has notified the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) of the candidate’s approved application, the remainder of the exam process is administered by NASBA, the AICPA, and Prometric (testing center). 

Before submitting an application to qualify to sit for any or all portions of the exam, make certain to be prepared to pay for all sections applied for before you are able to schedule for any section. Once a candidate receives the Notice to Schedule (NTS) from NASBA, any change to sections applied for requires a new application to be submitted to the Board office with the appropriate application fee. Once a candidate has submitted fees to NASBA to be issued an Authorization to Test (ATT), no changes are allowed. 

Approved Application Process

Once all necessary documents have been submitted to the Board office, processing time may vary, however most applications can be processed in 5 to 7 business days.

NOTE:  You can have more than one valid ATT or NTS at a time but cannot have more than one ATT or NTS for the same section.  For example you may have ATT issued 1/1/2020 for FAR/REG and ATT issued 2/1/2020 for AUD/BEC.  

Denied Applications

Changes to personal information