Board of Certified Public Accountants

Score Transfer

Request a Score Transfer-No Fee

To request a score transfer to another jurisdiction:

  • You must either complete the Authorization for Interstate Exchange Form or applicable form provided by the state you are transferring to (please contact to state you are transferring before requesting the transfer).

  • Send mail/email that form to our office or to be completed.

  • Please indicate where the completed form should be sent (directly to the state board or back to the individual). Unless otherwise stated, all forms will be mailed.

  • The Wyoming Board will retain examination grades electronically on a permanent basis. However, any other documents submitted with application(s) are subject to the Board’s Records Retention Schedules and may not be available in the Board office should the information be needed in the future.

NOTE: If final transcripts were not received during the application process, they will be required before scores can be transferred.