Board of Certified Public Accountants

Consumer Information

A CPA should at all times maintain independence of thought and action, hold the affairs of clients in strict confidence, strive continuously to improve professional skills, observe generally accepted professional standards, promote sound and informative financial reporting, uphold the dignity and honor of the accounting profession, and maintain high standards of personal conduct.

What You Should Know About Accountants and Their Services

 Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Public Accountants (PAs), Accountants, Tax Preparers, and others provide accounting services in Wyoming.  Only CPAs are “licensed” and regulated by the laws of the state of Wyoming.  It is unlawful for any person or firm to use the CPA designation unless that person or firm holds a Wyoming certificate or permit issued by the Board.  Use the “Verify License/Permit” link on the Board’s website home page to determine if an individual or firm is certified or permitted in Wyoming.

 Differences Between a CPA and Other Individuals Who Provide Public Accounting Services

 A Certified Public Accountant is:

 Public Accountants, Accountants, Tax Preparers and Others are:

 Tips and Suggestions

 Verify information about a practitioner or firm:

 Interview the practitioner to ensure the needed services can be provided:

 Before any work is done:

 Any person who has discovered an ethical or competency issue with a licensed Certified Public Accountant may file a complaint with the Board.  Consumers should be aware that the Board has no jurisdiction over unlicensed public accountants.  Any individual claiming to be a CPA in Wyoming without a certificate is doing so unlawfully.  Please contact the Board office with concerns.