Board of Certified Public Accountants

Reinstate Certificate

A revoked or suspended certificate or permit may be reinstated. Applicants must complete the Application to Reinstate a Certificate form, show good cause why the certificate or permit should be reinstated, and submit applicable fees. 

A hearing will be required to reinstate a revoked or suspended certificate or firm permit. 

Contact the Board office to request information regarding the applicable fees, applications, and other information required to reinstate a certificate or firm permit. 

Application to Reinstate a Certificate Information-$1000+any applicable costs

7. A hearing will be required.  Please contact Jennifer Gorman at or by calling 307-777-7551 to set up the hearing.  

Application Submission Instructions

*Holders are required to renew certificates (October-December) online by accessing their renewal on their online individual dashboard on the Online Portal for Application and Licensure (OPAL) system.  We will send you a reminder on October 1st when the online renewal is available. *