Board of Certified Public Accountants

Change of Firm Information 

Please email to update any of the following within 60 days of the change:

Chapter 1 Section 10-Change of Name, Address, or Employment. 

(a) All certificate holders and DCHs shall notify the Board of any changes in name, address, email address, telephone number, or employment within sixty (60) days of the change. 

(b) Any notification from the Board required or permitted under the certified public accountants’ act sent to the certificate holder, permit holder, or DCH shall be sent to the last known name and address or e-mail address provided to the Board by the holder and shall be deemed proper service on the holder. 

Chapter 1 Section 11- Change in Form, Ownership, Scope of Practice or CPA firm Name. 

(a) The DCH shall notify the Board as follows: 

(i) Within sixty (60) days of any changes in scope of services which affect the scheduling or timing of peer reviews; 

(ii) Within sixty (60) days of the termination or transfer of a sole proprietorship, the admission or withdrawal of a partner, shareholder, member, or non-certificate holder from any permitted CPA firm. 

(iii) Within sixty (60) days of the admission or withdrawal of any certificate holder acting as a resident manager of any office or any change in the certificate holder designated to represent the firm; 

(iv) Within sixty (60) days of any CPA firm name change accompanied by amended articles of incorporation or articles of organization.